Survey of the Network for Psychotherapeutic Care in Europe about the psychotherapeutic care of refugees in the EU

In 2015 estimated 19.6 million refugees worldwide have lost their homes to escape war and persecution —half of them being children. In Germany for example more than 1 million people have sought protection last year. Besides physical illness refugees suffer from acute mental health problems and trauma symptoms, above all post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

The inadequate provision of care to refugees is an international topic of concern. Most countries offer some basic health care facilities, but mental disorders often are only treated in exceptional cases. Until now there is little evidence how the matter is being addressed in the different countries The Federal German Chamber of Psychotherapy (BPtK), in cooperation with the NPCE, therefore carries out mopping the situation of mental health care for refugees in the welcoming European countries. In case you are an expert in this field, please join the survey.

You will find the questionnaire here.

Please send your completed questionnaire to the following eMail-Address: info@npce.eu

Download: Survey about the psychotherapeutic care of refugees in the EU